Saturday, January 16, 2016

Coz I don’t wanna write (About you)

It takes one crazy to know another crazy.
“Say something?” he told me one day.
“What should I say?” I asked.
There was a pause. I am sure he was in deep thoughts for a while. And then he said, “it’s you I want to hear and I end up doing all the talking’. He sounded miffed and not quite amused.
I did not have much to say. I have told him a lot about me. In details at times and in bits and pieces otherwise.
He is a good listener. He remembers well. He questions me about things I had told him about a month back at times.
“I was pissed off the first night”, he told me one day in between our talks.
It took a while for me to pin point which night he was saying.
Foggy brains that I am mostly, he teased, “Oh! So you like to remember only the good things and edit the bad ones easily!”That left me laughing out loud like a woman gone nutty.
When I keep calm, he says, “So you need fodder for your stories! Hence you wanna listen to me.”
I kept shut and he retorts with some uncanny fondness, “Did that hurt you? I am so mean”.
Yes he does! And I tell him so. That he is ruthless and rude.
“Love my rudeness to love me”, is all that he says.
So one fine day I tell him, “I am not going to write about you”.
“Why?” he asked.
“I am superstitious”, I replied.
He asked me the reason.
But I did not reply.
I am superstitious to write about it… more than “it” … its him… its about him and me.
I don’t wanna write about it.
The peole I have written about are the ones I have lost and whom I have love deeply.
He is someone I don’t wanna let go so easily or too soon.
So I said, “I don’t want this bubble to burst”.
If only if I made any Goddamn sense!
“Which bubble?”, he asked.
“Let it be”, I said and changed the topic.
A few days later he asked me’ “Did you sleep well?”
“Yes”, I said
“Enough to keep the bubble charged?”, he asked!
“Enough to last a lifetime”, I answered.
He did not say anything much. I think I sounded too intimidating.
He keeps me in tenterhooks. Perplexed. Confused.  All the time.
I wished him “Goodnight” yesterday.
“Love you????????????”, he replied with unending question marks!
“Do you?” I asked him back. Because everytime I tell him so, he says it is difficult to reply in affirmative.
“No!No!No”! , he replied and this is how I deal with my Serpent!
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